APEX Ceiling Mounted Basketball Backstop (SKYONE)

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Tailored Solution to suit your needs!

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  • Ceiling Mounted Basketball Backstop. Stationary – fixed and doesn’t fold up or down.
  • Tailor manufactured  basketball backstop to suit clients needs
  • Backstop manufactured in Hong Kong.
  • All welded joints will be covered with anti-corrosion paint.
  • Synthetic Epoxy Enamel Paint will cover the entirety of the Basketball Stand. This paint has strong corrosion resistance and superior adhesion to surface compared to normal paint.
  • Choice of Backboards: APEX SMC Backboard, APEX Glass Backboard (PUMA), APEX Polycarbonate Backboard (PCBB) or other brands.
  • Choice of Dunk Ring: APEX S2 or S3, or other brands
  • Call 2741 7494 or Email us for more details!