APEX Freestanding Portable Volleyball System (VP2000)

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  • Welded, Enclosed, Galvanised Steel base frame with built in weight and 2 high-quality lockable casters.
  • Lowering front lever will activate front swivel wheel. To push around the courts.
  • No anchor points or floor sleeves need to be installed.
  • Ballast is space saving, yet heavy enough for tight net tension.
  • Ballast is filled with solid concrete. No sand, no steel pellets.
  • Volleyball profile is 79mm diameter Aluminium extrusion with extra thick aluminium panels in strategic areas to provide extra rigidity. Thus, reducing volleyball post flex.
  • Volleyball posts can be detached with tools.
  • Water drainage integrated into ballast. No chance for water retention, means no chance for insect infestation.
  • Synthetic two-part Epoxy Paint will cover the entirety of the galvanised ballast. This paint has strong corrosion resistance and superior adhesion to surface. Leaving a durable, weather resistant shiny and long-lasting finish
  • Portable Volleyball system can be left in rain, hail or shine.
  • Post with infinite height from 1.55m – 2.5m.
  • Built in net tensioner and hand crank. Net tensioning crank can be removed for safe storage.