APEX Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Basketball Backstop (WMR03A/WMF03A)

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  • Basketball Backstop’s extension is 0.3m.
  • Can be height adjusted to junior height
  • Stand manufactured in Hong Kong.
  • All welded joints will be covered with anti-corrosion paint.
  • Synthetic Epoxy Enamel Paint will cover the entirety of the Basketball Stand. This paint has strong corrosion resistance and superior adhesion to surface compared to normal paint.

BACKBOARD – or other backboards.

  • Fan-shaped Backboard
  • SMC Backboard is made of high tensile strength fibreglass sheets
  • Heavy perimeter flange and structural ribs provides superior rebound qualities.
  • Thick steel plate on rear of backboard where ring is attached.

BASKETBALL RING – or other rings.

  • Heavy duty dual-spring Flex ring
  • Hot Dip Galvanised. Orange powder coated
  • 20mm thick metal ring
  • Inside ring diameter 450mm
  • Net connection is internalised into ring. Ring Net included.