Freestanding Aluminium Junior (7-a-side) Football Goal

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Freestanding Aluminium goal for Juniors 7-a-side. Can be anchored down with optional anchors

Upright and bottom side bars are made with proprietary Reinforced Aluminium 80mm square profile with radius edge.

Integrated channels at the back of profile for net hooks.

Upright and bottom Side bars are TIG welded for superior stability – forming and L shaped structure.

Crossbar is joint to Uprights with 2 proprietary cast aluminium corners. Also adding structural rigidity to the whole Football Goal.

Net Supporter made with 32mm Hot dip Galvanised Steel Tube with epoxy coating for extra anti-rust properties

Floor Back Bar is also 32mm Hot dip Galvanised Steel Tube with additional weight within tube.

Proprietary Twin Net Hooks made with UV Stabilised Nylon. Simply insert, twist and it will lock into place.

SG52F: 7-a-side = 500 (W) x 200cm (H)

SG32F: 5-a-side = 300 (W) x 200cm (H)

Optional Items:

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Football Goal Transport Trolley

Football Goal Upright Padding