FT OmniS Portable Basketball Stand (Omnis)

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  • Glass Backboard
  • Springs located in the extension assembly counter balance the weight of the backboard and rim for effortless adjustment
  • Quik-Pin height adjustment design makes adjusting the OmniS effortless and safe from 10’ to 7’ in 6” increments
  • Base to backboard extension distance is 19” with rim at 10’
  • OmniS is significantly better in performance and durability than portables found at large sporting goods chain stores. The large poly base is designed to hold up to approximately 500 lbs. of sand for maximum stability. No more flimsy portables that blow over in the wind!
  • The rugged 4″ square one piece 11 gauge post will not wobble and separate like sectional posts. The handy cam lever handle on the front makes one person transport simple over any hard, smooth surface.
  • Adjustments are very quick by removing the slide pin on the back of the post, the spring balanced design makes rim height adjustments quick and easy.
  • Made in the USA