High Jump Mat System

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Exterior Material

Material: 0.5mm Knife Coated Vinyl Material. A Woven lattice base material is coated with a Vinyl.

The material is Waterproof, Fire Retardant, UV stabilised, Oil and Chemical resistant. It is high tear resistant
and has a high tensile strength. Most of all, it is Dermatologically Safe.

The bottom layer is an Austrian made anti-slip layer.

Double nylon thread stitches

High quality zippers

Handles strategically situated for easy lifting of whole system

Interior Foam

The foam interior is strategically stacked to produce air channels which creates a special lattice configuration.

This aids air movement on impact leading to a more compliant and comfortable landing. The height of the foam is 0.6m

There is an additional 5cm anti-spike layer which covered the entire top layer. This is made of heavy duty
laminated vinyl mesh.

Size 6 x 4 x 0.65m

Optional Items:

APEX Aluminium Platform

APEX High Jump Stands

APEX High Jump Bar