APEX Portable Aluminium Basketball Stand (FUNDA)

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  • For structural rigidity, frame is TIG welded from 40x80mm proprietary aluminium profile.
  • All safety lock nuts and bolts are stainless steel. For longevity of Basketball Stand.
  • 4 Heavy duty casters for effortless and easy mobility.
  • Lifting jack is integrated into the front casters, simply lower the front casters to activate.
  • Projection of 1.5M
  • Included standard Official size SMC Basketball Backboard, Official size Basketball Ring & Net
  • 300KG Concrete counterweight with integrated handles
  • Made in Hong Kong

Optional Items

  • ABP-F2 Front Protective Padding
  • CH180 Basketball Backboard Bottom Perimeter Padding.
  • ABP-01 Protective Waterproof cover for Concrete counterweight.
  • Different Backboards & Ring selection available.